Experience a more relaxed and comfortable pregnancy with massage therapy in Cambridge

Antenatal clinical massage after 12 weeks can help relieve the muscular symptoms often associated with pregnancy, in particular lower back and pelvic girdle pain. Regular massages can also help improve your sleep, reduce your blood pressure and make you less stressed and anxious.

Pregnancy massage is good for both you and your baby

Massage during your pregnancy from 12 weeks reduces the chemical changes which occur in your body when you are stressed, anxious or depressed (release of cortisol). This effect is seen not only during pregnancy but also after the birth of your child. So prenatal massage may reduce the potential for postpartum depression.

Lower cortisol levels in your body are also really good for your baby. Mothers who receive massage have newborns who are more interactive and the rate of prematurity and low birth weight is significantly reduced.

It’s more than just a massage

To ensure the benefits of treatments are longer-lasting our clinical massage therapists, Shelly, and Charlie will also teach you how best to position and support your body for a restful and comfortable night’s sleep – reducing the stress on soft tissues, ligaments and joints – and advise you on the techniques your partner can use to help you.

Pregnancy massage is a great complement to antenatal pilates and we offer a combined package of massage sessions and pilates classes. Please contact us to find out more.

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