Physiotherapy taping for pain relief and support in Cambridge

Sports tape isn’t just for athletes. As part of your physiotherapy session we may apply some sports tape onto or around the painful area to support your healing.

It can be worn for several days and it’s light and flexible, giving you support without restricting your movement and prolonging the benefits of your treatment.

What are the benefits of Kinesiotape?

  • Support weak and injured muscles
  • Stabilise the area without restricting movement
  • Offload overstrained muscles
  • Reduce pain
  • Correct postural problems
  • Improve joint movement
  • Prevent re-injury

How to apply K-tape

Sports tape is latex-free and it’s quick and easy to apply, in fact we can teach you how to put it on yourself. It’s not, however, an alternative to an effective exercise program.

So our physiotherapists also make sure you are doing the right exercises for your specific issues and we’ll send them to you online with video links so you can practise at home.

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