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Physiotherapist Cambridge

Ellie Durant
Very helpful for shin splints. It’s a stretch (no pun intended) for me to have this kind of appointment financially but it was worth it. Elizabeth Watson was friendly, knowledgeable and didn’t flinch at my horrible feet which are a bit blistered from running! I now have a plan to get back to running pain free. Expert advice in a welcoming setting, I highly recommend the service.

Lyndsay Roberts
I’ve had physio with both Rowan and Michelle and can recommend them very highly. The clinic is situated in a beautiful studio, and the staff are caring and helpful. In my most recent session Michelle made sure that we got to the real issue with my body, which has been misdiagnosed for years, and was great at explaining why other things were going wrong as a result. She gave me some brilliant exercises to do, and sent them in a video format so I couldn’t go wrong. I left feeling much better and more positive for recovery.

Stephanie C
I came to see Michelle because of severe sacroiliac joint pain. She saw me on the same day and diagnosed the problem after a very professional assessment. Her treatment and exercises helped to relieve the pain and I will soon be back to full strength. I would always recommend Michelle to friends and colleagues who need a physiotherapist.

Fiona Halton
Rowan was brilliant. We needed immediate help, out of hours, and she rose to the challenge: kindness and professionalism combined.

Matt L
I had seen other physiotherapists in the past but, until Rowan, no-one had truly understood what was causing my shoulder pain. She really knows her stuff! Through exercises, massage and taping, Rowan helped me make my shoulder functional again, reducing the constant pain I have been in for many years. I am very grateful for her help.

Laura Smith
Absolutely fantastic! Friendly, patient and professional approach. Rowan helped me to fully recover after a minor car accident. She was very knowledgeable and great at personalising treatments to fit around my busy lifestyle. Thank you so much!

Sarah Holt
Excellent physiotherapy treatment for tension headaches in Cambridge. Thanks to the physiotherapy sessions, which also addressed and improved my posture, and provided me with manageable exercises and useful lifestyle changes, my headaches are under control. Thank you to those at Physiofit that have treated me!

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