Specialised physiotherapy for headache and migraine in Cambridge

If you suffer from headaches you’ll know the impact of an attack on your work, family life or social activities. If your symptoms are coming from or triggered by a problem in the upper part of your neck, then Physiotherapy treatment can be extremely successful.

There are many different types of headache but most fall under one of the following three categories:

Expert physiotherapy

You can also suffer from more than one type of headache simultaneously so an accurate diagnosis of your condition is vital and will lead to a far more effective treatment.

Cambridge physiotherapists, Rowan Wilson and Chloe Rowalatt both have a special interest in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of headaches and migraine and in particular the treatment of headaches caused by a problem in your neck or jaw.

How a physiotherapist can help

Physiotherapy treatments for headache include specialised joint mobilisations, massage, taping, breathing exercises, stretches for your neck, upper back and shoulders and exercises to strengthen the supporting muscles around your neck. We also offer acupuncture.

We’ll teach you how to correct your posture at work and home and advise you on the things you can do to prevent your symptoms from returning.

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