Strength and conditioning with a physiotherapist in Cambridge

If you run, swim, cycle, dance, do Crossfit or just enjoy training in the gym regularly, you can consider yourself an athlete.
Athletes at any level should include sports-specific strength and conditioning exercises as part of their routine training, to prevent injury, move more efficiently and perform better.

We are all very different in terms of body composition and lever lengths. Training with a physiotherapist who can functionally screen your movements and biomechanically analyse your gait, stroke, kick, jump or throw to prescribe a programme of exercises – not only tailored to your sport but your body’s own needs – will give you the best outcomes.

The best way to warm up, train and achieve your personal best

As an athlete, preparation is everything. Strengthening and conditioning your body should be a corner stone of your training. From warming up intelligently with sports-specific exercises, to performing movements which improve tissue resilience and biomechanical patterns, to understanding how your body recovers and progressively adapts to training … the right coaching can take you a new level.

When training on your own it’s easy to fall into the trap of focusing on exercises you prefer or those you find easiest to access in your body. Supervised training with a physiotherapist or strength and conditioning coach will keep your routines fresh, challenging, precise and targeted. The tweaks and techniques which can be coached during a personal training session make all the difference to how an exercise feels in your body and how much you get out of completing it.

A strong foundation for sport

The goal of clinical strength and conditioning isn’t bulking up in the gym or getting better at lifting free weights. Of course, you will get better at lifting free weights, but the aim is to use S&C training to access a movement pattern or sequence of muscle activity which will transfer to your sport to improve efficiency.

We will teach you about the principles of strength and conditioning, so you can understand how certain exercises work your muscles, why they might be included in your programme and the basic science behind your training. We’ll get you to a level where you can even design your own programmes in the future.

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