Physiotherapy treatment for sacroiliac joint pain

Your pelvis is made up of two sacroiliac joints that join your pelvic bones onto your spine. If one of them moves too much or not enough this can cause a great deal of pain and really interfere with everyday life, sports and hobbies.

Pain coming from the sacroiliac joints can start suddenly after a fall or car accident, during pregnancy or it can simply develop gradually over time due to overuse. It tends to be worse after resting and people often say it takes time to ‘get going’ again after sitting.  It’s also common to have pain and stiffness early in the morning and on rolling over at night.

Accurate diagnosis for SI joint pain

Assessment with an experienced professional is absolutely key, as SI joint problems can mimic other back and hip conditions. So the physiotherapists at our Cambridge clinic will ensure that these areas are thoroughly examined to give you an accurate diagnosis.

How a physiotherapist can help

Sacroilliac pain responds well to joint manipulation or mobilisation, massage and muscle stretching, taping, Pelvic and sacroiliac joint pain and exercises designed to strengthen the muscles that support your pelvis, including pilates.

We offer all these treatments at our Cambridge physiotherapy clinic but the most important thing is making sure that a thorough physical examination has been completed so we can be sure that your symptoms are definitely coming from the sacroilliac joints and not your lower back or your hip … both of which can cause pain in the buttocks right over the sacroiliac joints.

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