Relieve pain with custom made orthoses in Cambridge

Many foot, ankle, knee and hip problems are caused by accumulative strain in the ligaments, tendons and muscles or uneven loading within the joints themselves.

Over time if your body’s tissues aren’t able to adapt to cope with the load going through them, the result is that something starts to hurt.

There are many reasons why this might happen, but some of the most common causes include:

  1. Compensatory movements
  2. Poor balance or postural stability
  3. Inefficient movement patterns
  4. Training errors
  5. Insufficient muscle strength, joint mobility or tissue flexibility
  6. Inadequate shock absorption
  7. A leg length difference
  8. Poor footwear

Biomechanical assessment and treatment with a physiotherapist

A biomechanical analysis of how your body moves when running or walking is a complex assessment of your feet, legs, hips and pelvis.

We may use video analysis of you on our treadmill and complete a functional movement screen including tests for stability and balance but it’s a world apart from the type of assessment you may have seen in a sports footwear shop.

Our highly trained and experienced physiotherapists will recommend a bespoke treatment programme which may well include footwear advice but will also incorporate strength and conditioning exercises or tailor made orthoses (prescription insoles).

Prevent injury and improve performance

A biomechanical assessment isn’t just for people in pain. You might want an assessment to ensure you are moving in a balanced and efficient way to prevent injury.

It would also be recommended for any athlete wishing to gain a competitive edge or improve their performance in sport.

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