Private pilates classes with a physiotherapist in Cambridge

Our Pilates reformer bed might look a bit medieval but this machine offers one of the most versatile and physically effective ways to practice pilates.

Reformer beds use springs, pulleys, bars and straps to both support the individual’s bodyweight and add resistance to the exercises…

challenging your body to work against tension in almost any position or direction. They also provide great feedback as the resistance of the equipment means that it’s far more difficult – and obvious – when stronger muscle groups on one side of your body try to take over, making you move in a more balanced, symmetrical way.

Mat work or reformer pilates, what’s the difference?

Reformer pilates offers the same physical benefits as our mat classes – development of core strength, flexibility, body awareness and control – but the cables and pulleys help you to move your arms and legs through a greater range of motion than on the mat. Which is wonderful for increasing flexibility while toning your muscles.

The reformer also offers resistance to movement in both directions of each movement – both on the effort (muscle tightening) and release (muscle lengthening) – giving a highly controlled, intensive and focused workout.

Although it was originally developed to help individuals build up the sufficient core strength to carry out the mat work sequences properly, it’s such an adaptable piece of equipment that it’s now used in lots of other ways.

At our Cambridge clinic we use our reformer as part of our rehab programmes after injury or surgery, allowing our patients to begin exercising straight away in a pain-free way that helps to stimulate repair and build strength and flexibility without overloading healing structures.

Our Women’s Health team also regularly use our reformer for restoring stability around the pelvis, building strength in the pelvic floor muscles.

Reformer pilates is also particularly good for people with hypermobility issues to build control and support for their joints.

Effective, safe and fun private reformer pilates

Reformer pilates is really great fun and many people prefer practicing pilates on equipment for general fitness and health.

We offer 1:1 pilates sessions on the reformer, tailored to your individual needs. You can book a single session or we offer package deals for regular practice.

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