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Most of us are on our feet for the majority of the day so a problem in your hip joint can be really debilitating. Limping to relieve the pain is common and this can result in secondary problems in your back and knee or in your other leg.

Causes of hip pain treated here

Although osteoarthritis is the most frequent cause of hip pain in adults we also treat lots of other hip conditions at our Cambridge clinic including:

  • Muscle strains and tears
  • Clicking hips
  • Inflamed tendons, ligaments and soft tissue such as ITB syndrome
  • Bursitis- swelling in the bursae over your outer hip
  • Post-operative rehabilitation

How a physiotherapist can help

Sometimes a problem in your back or sacroiliac joints can actually cause pain felt over the hip without any discomfort in your back at all… so our physios routinely examine these areas to make sure nothing is missed.

Hip pain responds well to physio treatments like massage, joint mobilisations and acupuncture. We’ll ensure you have a bespoke programme of physiotherapy exercises to practice that may involve working on your low back or pelvis if this is a factor in your condition. We’ll also take a close look at the way you move, walk and even run to spot any underlying causes so your hip pain is gone for good.

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