Home visits and treatment for older adults in Cambridge

Over the age of 65, one in three of us will experience a fall and once this has happened the chances are that we will have another within a year.

The consequences can extend beyond physical injury. A loss of confidence can have a significant impact on independence, social activity and general wellbeing.

Individualised physiotherapy assessment at home

There are many reasons why we are more likely to fall as we age. Usually it’s not down to one thing but a combination of factors and a specialist falls physiotherapist should investigate all the potential causes before recommending an effective approach to treatment.

How a specialist physio can help

Our specialist, Ledia Alushi, is a highly experienced elderly care physiotherapist. She offers bespoke and comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and treatment for older adults in Cambridge including:

  • Treating any physical injuries
  • Assessing mobility and confidence in the home and outdoors
  • Screening for hazards such as footwear, clothing and obstacles in the home
  • Recommending and ordering appropriate walking aids
  • Liasing with GP services when a review of medication is indicated
  • Advising and ordering suitable household aids such as toilet raises, chair raises and grab rails
  • Balance retraining
  • Examining and treating conditions that cause dizziness
  • Prescribing exercises for strength and flexibility

Home visits
We also offer home visits in Cambridge for other conditions including:


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