Using the wrong type of walking aid or one that hasn’t been properly adjusted causes discomfort but more importantly it won’t offer enough support and this can contribute to a fall. 

Here’s how we take the correct measurement:

*  Stand in a comfortable, upright posture with your usual shoes on

*  Allow your arm to hang down by your side, with a slight bend (no more than 15 degrees)

*  Ask a friend or family member to measure from the floor to the base of your wrist

Diagram showing how to measure up a stick correctly

If your walking stick has a rubber stopper at the bottom, check at least once a month that it doesn’t look too worn.

When to move to a more supportive walking aid

If you notice that you have started to rely on support from furniture or walls for balance as well as your stick, then it might be time to consider a more supportive walking aid like a frame or a wheeled walker.

There are advantages to both … a walking frame allows you to support a greater amount of your body weight through your arms. So it’s worth thinking of a frame if you experience a lot of knee or hip pain. Three or four wheeled walkers allow for smoother, faster walking than a frame but most models also have a seat if you need to sit down quickly.

As always, give us a call if you need any advice.

The Physiofit Team