Clinical strength & conditioning in Cambridge

Love activity but hate exercise? We all enjoy doing things we’re good at but if you haven’t been taught how to exercise properly, it’s not surprising that many of us don’t feel confident enough to train independently in a gym environment.

Investing time in learning how to exercise properly will totally change not only your confidence but also your results.

This is true whether it’s your first time in a gym or you’re returning to exercise after a long break; maybe you’ve suffered from an injury or just had a baby.

Or you may already be exercising regularly but feel like you’re not getting the most from your training and want to improve your performance.

Physiotherapist-led exercise and weight training

As physiotherapists we often treat patients who have injured themselves while exercising or playing sport.


Launching yourself from a standing start into training for a marathon, never having run before, might put a dent both in your body and your motivation.


That’s why learning how to exercise well is so important.

Personal training with a physiotherapist is a world apart from a gym induction with a PT. It’s a tailored approach taking into account your flexibility, strength and movement patterns and teaching you the very best form and technique to get fit, without injury.

It’s not about following a programme and simply having someone supervise you either … we will actually teach you the basic science and principles of body weight exercise and free weight training, so you can understand the importance of individual exercises – compound, concentric and eccentric movements – and even design your own routines if you want to.

Who is clinical strengthening & conditioning appropriate for?

Combining our physiotherapy knowledge of how muscles, ligaments and bones move and function together optimally along with the principles of medical sports science provides an extremely solid and safe approach to training, regardless of your age, physical fitness, injury history or existing medical condition.

Essentially, clinical Strength and conditioning is for anyone who wants to improve their movement, performance, strength and mobility, safely.

  • Athletes and runners
  • Weight lifters (including Crossfit)
  • Rehab – returning to sport after injury
  • Prehab – injury prevention
  • Older adults – safe, controlled exercise for arthritis and osteoporosis
  • Pregnant and postnatal women
  • Those wanting to lose weight and get fit

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