Safe, effective exercise with a physiotherapist in Cambridge

Doctors often recommend pilates after an injury, surgery or illness as a safe, effective way to rehabilitate and begin exercising again.

Pilates exercises can help you to improve your posture and flexibility, increase core stability and move comfortably with better control and balance.

Pilates with a physio is different

As physiotherapists teaching pilates we have a unique perspective on the way people move and a detailed knowledge of postural problems.

We understand how bodies heal and we know how and when pilates can be safely used to improve recovery.

We modify pilates exercises to suit the level and needs of the individual giving a more intelligent and personalised routine. We can design a programme for you to practice at home and send it to you online with video links for you to follow.

Classes with Pilatesfit

We have a range of online classes from beginner through to advanced as well as private 1:1 sessions at our clinic.

We also offer ‘hands-on’ physiotherapy treatment combined in an appointment with one-to-one clinical pilates offering the best of both worlds.

For more information about private and group clinical pilates sessions, please visit our sister website, Pilatesfit Cambridge

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