Safe, effective exercise with a physiotherapist in Cambridge

You might be worried about trying to get back into exercise after having your baby. Your body has gone through a major physical event and pelvic floor tears, tummy gaps, muscle weakness and back pain are common issues. As physiotherapists we understand how bodies heal. We know how and when exercise can be used safely to improve your recovery and restore your previous level of fitness.

Whether you want to get back to running, cycling, weight training or boot camp, our specialist women’s health physiotherapist will assess your posture, tummy muscle gap and pelvic floor strength and teach you safe, effective exercises designed to improve your strength and function to get you back to the sport you love, fast.

Exercise relieves postpartum depression and stress

Having to adapt both physically and mentally to having a new baby is rarely easy. Postnatal depression occurs in 1 in 5 new mothers and it’s well known that exercise can play an important role in helping to treat mental health disorders.

It can be difficult to find time to exercise when you are caring for a newborn or you might sometimes feel too tired but regular exercise, with its boost of endorphins, will actually heighten your energy levels. There are a whole host of other benefits too … exercise will alleviate symptoms of depression, relieve stress and improve sleep quality.

Postnatal assessment and fitness programmes

We recommend our Mummy MOT before starting a fitness programme with us. This is a comprehensive check up by a specialist women’s health physiotherapist to essentially ensure you are exercising safely and that your programme is targeted to your individual needs and goals.

Our Mummy MOT and postnatal fitness training programmes are carried out at our clinic in Cambridge by Angela Lopes our lead women’s health specialist.

Angela is a highly qualified and experienced physiotherapist specialising in Women’s Health

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