Small 1:1 classes might be better for you than training on your own

You wouldn’t start a new job without the right training, so why expect to feel confident in the gym after you’ve only had a brief induction?

It’s no wonder that initial enthusiasm can fade if you don’t understand how certain exercises work, why they might be included in a programme for your body or feel like you are doing them correctly and safely in the first place.

We all like to do things that we are good at and enjoying resistance and weight training is no different. Learning how to train yourself properly will completely change both your confidence and results. Once you’ve mastered the basics, training in small groups is fantastic way to keep up your motivation.

There’s strength – and motivation – in numbers

1:1 classes are about more than just exercising. Regular training with like-minded people gives the group a boost of shared energy and a bond which pushes everyone forwards together as a unit.

You’ll feel more supported, committed and accountable. The sense of shared purpose during each class gives everyone the mental drive needed to make every training session as effective as possible.

Preparation and technique are the key to successful group training

Before going into a group it’s vital to have mastered the techniques for the moves involved in participating. If you haven’t yet developed the stabilising muscles or general mobility to perform them correctly and safely, there is the potential to depend heavily on your spine or other joints leading to injury.

Exercises that don’t feel particularly comfortable or cause pain afterwards are signs that your body is unhappy about something. Building a foundation of strength and control will not only prevent injuries but also make your training more efficient.

We ask everyone wishing to enter our group strength and conditioning classes to first undergo a functional movement screen with us. This is a an hour-long 1:1 appointment with a physiotherapist designed to identify abnormal or compensatory movements patterns, inefficient movement or strength deficits which would affect your performance and safety in a group.

If it’s not deemed safe for you to go into a group class immediately, you have two options:

  1. We can write a bespoke programme for you to practice independently, addressing any issues. Your physiotherapist will recommend a realistic timeframe for you to return for a second screening.
  2. To work towards group training with one of our highly qualified and experienced strength and conditioning coaches 1:1 on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. They will tell you when you are ready for group training.

Whatever your goals, our aim is to help you build your knowledge and movement repertoire and develop positive and sustainable habits for exercise.

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