Help for those with hypermobile joints

I’ve noticed recently that there’s been a rise in the number of my clients looking for help with the physical issues associated with hypermobility- an excessive flexibility meaning that the joints of the body have greater range of motion (laxity).

They do tend to be women – but not always – and although being hypermobile isn’t always a problem (for dancers it can be an advantage) for some having hypermobility means that they frequently sprain their joints just doing simple everyday activities.

Repeated re-injury of weak joints can lead to persistent (chronic) pain that can be widespread throughout the body. It’s an ‘invisible’ condition and as such there’s not always much sympathy or understanding and most of my clients have been dealing with these challenges since their childhood.

Getting back in control

There are lots of small elements – like workplace ergonomics, lifestyle modifications, pain relief treatments and pacing- that can make up a strategy for managing your condition and put you back in control.

I highly recommend Clinical Pilates with it’s focus on strengthening postural muscles, improving body awareness and maintaining normal joint positioning during movements to move the spine evenly, avoiding ‘hinging’ at the points of most natural flexibility.


A great exercise for people with hypermobility is ‘scissors’. I’m teaching a lower level version of this exercise for beginners: